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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

A little more breast and some other misadventures

I’ve neglected my blog long enough that I don’t even know where to begin.  Do I tell the story about the night I locked my husband and dog out of our apartment and went to bed with ear-plugs, baby sleeping soundly in the next room?  Do I talk about our first class (woot, woot!) plane ride to Hawaii with the guy in the seat next to me immediately and loudly complaining about the terrible, awful prospect of having to endure the flight alongside our fussy baby?  Or, do I talk about my breasts again and the fact that while I find breastfeeding in public beautiful and natural, pumping is actually another story, and very strange to constantly have suction cups strapped to my breasts, my nipples being relentlessly tugged to oblivion, all the while my father-in-law happily reading a book in the chair next to me? 

Suffice it to say that it’s been an adventuresome few weeks that have included a move- thank God we had an army of able-bodied friends and relatives to help us-, and a “vacation” of sorts.  As much as we love our wee little one and would miss him dreadfully if he were not here, the hubs and I decided that we’re not sure what it means to vacation when you take the bulk of the work with you J.  That said, I have little room to complain as we’ve had the in-laws here to help out.  When I say here to help out, I mean right here, as in: right. Here.  In the same hotel room.  Okay, I exaggerate.  We’re separated by a door between the pull-out couch in the living room that they’ve so graciously slept on for a week and the bedroom.  I say this with a slight edge of complaint in my voice as it has been tight quarters, but in truth, I always get used to the rhythm of tight quarters with the in-laws after a few days, and I’ve never met two people who are more willing to bend over backwards to help out and make their kids/kids-in-law comfortable.  Really.  So, it’s been comical with my breasts out three times a day on the pump, the little one in and out of naps, trying to squeeze in some fun and coordinate schedules, but in all we’re sinking into the vacay thing nicely.

It’s taken us a while to relinquish control of the caretaking responsibilities (yes, we are the typical hyper-anal first time parents you might imagine) and let the in-laws step in.  But, alas, as we’ve let go more and more, we’ve found ourselves a couple of times wondering aloud, “child, what child?”  Ahhhhhhhh….a few sighs of relief.  I could get used to this whole ‘it takes a village thing’.  Don’t’ get me wrong, I would do anything for my little guy, it’s just nice to have a built-in daily break.